Spaces still available in the following:
Summer Camp:  Weeks of August 8 & 15
Skateboarding 101 - Group class for beginners $60/month:
Mondays 4-5pm, Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm & Wednesdays 4-5pm

Preregistration required
Open Community sessions $5/2hrs

of supervised skating every
Friday 3pm-7pm

Call to find out more about birthday parties and private lessons.

​So, inspired by his children and their countless friends who always wanted him to take them skating, he started a skateboarding program. And over night the kids taught him a few lessons and he realized just how many valuable lessons skateboarding could teach the kids, like...

                 - discipline and a strong work ethic, because trying the same trick 1,000 times just to land it once and then doing it 100 more times to land it one more time takes a whole lot of discipline and hard work.

                 - sportsmanship and good manners, because this is a sport like any other except there isn't a rule book or a ref on the field but to do well you have to know the unwritten rules of skating which involve respect and self control and etiquette.

Holbrook combined these principles along with many others and created the Mad About Skateboarding educational program. While expanding the program to meet the needs of the community, his ultimate goal is to help South Florida in any way that he can, create the flourishing skate community that has succeeded and continues to grow in Colorado.